2004 Issue


Editor-in-Chief: Gloria C. Cox, University Honor Program and Political Science
Editor: Susan Brown Eve, University Honors Program and Applied Gerontology

Scholars Day Keynote Address 2004

Samuel E. Matteson, Department of Physics

Undergraduate Scholar Articles

Danielle Pierce, Department of Art History
Faculty Mentors:
Jennifer Way, Department of Art History
Jill Dupont, Department of History
Christopher M. Henson, Department of Political Science and Department of Criminal Justice
Faculty Mentors:
James Meernik, Department of Political Science
Kimi King, Department of Political Science
Levi Thomson, Department of Radio, Television and Film
Faculty Mentor:
Steve Craig, Department of Radio, Television and Film
Amanda Lynn Chase, Department of Psychology
Faculty Mentors:
Jeff R. Temple, Department of Psychology
Linda L. Marshall, Department of Psychology
Rachel L. White, Department of Psychology
Faculty Mentor:
Sharon R. Jenkins

Teaching Innovations Highlight

Christina Wasson, Department of Anthropology
Megan Ko, Department of Anthropology
Joshua Miner, Department of Anthropology