2017 Issue

The Eagle's Nest

Hashtags and Hail to the Redskins: My Summer in Ashburn, Virginia

Madison Kemrite

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Eric Gruver, Honors College

Art History and History

Compromise and Example: Continued Issues of Art Restitution and Holocaust-era Looted Art.

Caitlin Bellet

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Christina Brungardt, Ph.D.

Historical Discord: The Question of Greek Women

Caitlyn Coil

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Christopher J. Fuhrmann, Department of History

Refugee Representations: 1950s Non-Western/WWII Refugees in American Media with Smaller Circulation

Tova Anderson

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jennifer Way, College of Visual Arts and Design

Social Science

Biological Factors Contributing to the Development of Homosexuality: A Systematic Review of the Literature

Idalia Maciel

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Michael Barnett, Ph.D., Department of Psychology

Introducing Change of Early Implementation of Learning Spanish as a Foreign Language in the Texas Education System

Krystin White

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jongsoo Lee, Ph.D., Department of Spanish, College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences

A Non-Denial, Denial: A Study to Find Evidence That Donald Trump Is Changing the Perception of the Media

Brandy Walker

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Tom Miles, Ph.D., Honors College

Using Alternative and Augmentative Communication Improvement for Daily Life of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Kelsey Rodriguez

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Tom Miles, Ph.D., Honors College


What is Rhythmic Dissonance?

Evan O. Adams

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Joseph Klein, Chair of Composition Studies, College of Music

GliƩre, Erdely, and the Harp in Russia

Ruth Mertens

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jaymee Haefner, College of Music

Biological Sciences

Mechanistic Knowledge and Public Opinion of GMOs

Allison Haskell

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Lindsay Moore, Ph.D., Department of English