Introducing Change of Early Implementation of Learning Spanish as a Foreign Language in the Texas Education System


It has been shown that humans have the most capacity to learn language at an early age, so why does the American education system wait until high school and higher education to put emphasis on learning a foreign language? While the initial purpose of my research question was to investigate why the American education system lacks national requirements, my research investigates why the Texas education system does not have statewide requirements in place for foreign language learning, especially Spanish, during early education. I conducted my research by getting the opinions of various Texas educators on this topic. The responses to my questionnaire revealed that the educators agree that funding, limited number of educators, lack of resources, and opinions against learning Spanish as a foreign language at a young age are potential factors that hinder the implementation of foreign language learning programs at the elementary level. While investigation of the literature and the opinions from the educators provided information about the inefficiency and need for change in the current approach to foreign language learning in the Texas education system, more research is needed before making changes in the Texas and American education system.

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