Jeanne Tunks

Dr. Jeanne Tunks
  • Department of Teacher Education and Administration

Dr. Jeanne Tunks has mentored 15 Eagle Feather authors since 2006!

The curriculum for undergraduates in the College of Education is so tightly structured that it is very difficult for  undergraduates to get involved in research projects. Dr. Tunks has solved this problem for students in her program by requiring them to conduct research on their student teaching experiences. She selects the best papers to publish in The Eagle Feather. She uses these papers with her students in Thailand as examples of innovative ways to  teach children new concepts and to involve their parents in their education. For their contribution to undergraduate research in the field of education.

Dr. Jeanne Tunks’ Department of Teacher Education and Administration is selected by The Eagle Feather editors as the Outstanding Eagle Feather Department of the Year, 2013.