Department of Biological Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences - Department of the Year 2014

 Sam Atkinson, Ph.D., Interim Department Chair

This year the Department of Biological Sciences was chosen as The Eagle Feather Department of the Year. Since 2007, fourteen undergraduate students majoring in biological sciences have published their research in The Eagle Feather.

The faculty mentors from the department have included Dr. Robert Benjamin, Dr. Mark Burleson, Dr. Qunfeng Dong, Dr. Lee Hughes, and Dr. Pam Padilla.  Dr. Hughes and Dr. Benjamin mentored six of the students in their PHAGES research program funded by the Howard Hughes Institute. Interestingly, two of the biology students who published in The Eagle Feather, Daniel Munro (2013, Faculty Mentor, Dr. Qunfeng Dong) and Mark Pavlyukovskyy (2009, Faculty Mentor, Dr. Pam Padilla), attended graduate school at Princeton University. Three of the students, Jessica McCallister, Scott Grant, and Brooke Blake-Taylor, went on to attend medical school.

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