John Ishiyama - Mentor of the Year 2013

John Ishiyama

We take pleasure in naming Distinguished Research Professor John T. Ishiyama as The Eagle Feather Mentor of the Year. Dr. Ishiyama is a member of the faculty of the Department of Political Science in the College of Arts and Sciences where he teaches a variety of courses ranging from introductory American Government classes to graduate seminars. Dr. Ishiyama also serves as Lead Editor of the American Political Science Review, the most prestigious and highly regarded journal in the academic discipline of political science. Clearly, John Ishiyama is an extraordinarily fine teacher and scholar.

We salute Professor John Ishiyama today as Mentor of the Year for his extraordinary service to undergraduate researchers—those talented and motivated students who want to gain research skill and experience as they prepare themselves for graduate and professional education.  Students working with John Ishiyama find a mentor who is accomplished and highly regarded, important qualities, of course, but they also find a caring mentor who is generous with his time, knowledge, and energy.

As evidence of his mentorship, the reader needs to look no further than this issue of The Eagle Feather, in which are published twelve articles from the students who participated in the summer 2013 National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) at UNT. The REU brought together these fine young scholars from colleges and universities around the United States, including the University of North Texas. With Dr. Ishiyama as director, this group of students gained extraordinary research experiences as they were mentored by Dr. Ishiyama and the REU staff. Support for undergraduate research and a sincere willingness to mentor young researchers have characterized John’s career, as we can see from his work with many programs, including UNT’s Undergraduate Research Initiative in recent years and, before that, the McNair Scholar Program.

Professor Ishiyama is recognized nationally and internationally as one of the most distinguished professors in the field of political science, and his star continues to rise. As we mark on this day the tenth anniversary of The Eagle Feather, we pause for a moment to recognize and celebrate John Ishiyama’s mentorship of undergraduate researchers. He is helping these talented and motivated students to lay the academic and intellectual foundation that will make possible their own scholarly  accomplishments.

Thank you, John Ishiyama. You are The Eagle Feather 2013 Mentor of the Year.