Samuel E. Matteson

Samuel E. Matteson, Ph.D.

Samuel E. Matteson, Ph.D., Professor of Physics and Distinguished Teaching Professor, and Founding Editorial Board member of The Eagle Feather

As a Professor of Physics at UNT, Dr. Matteson has taught many extraordinary Honors courses in physics including the popular Science and Technology of Musical Sound. In 2010 he was named a Distinguished Teaching Professor in recognition of his outstanding teaching record. He has mentored undergraduate research students in his home discipline of physics as well as music, speech and hearing sciences, and psychology.

Cameron McCord, an Honors student that Dr. Matteson mentored in his undergraduate thesis, received a Science, Mathematics And Research for Transformation (SMART) Scholarship from that U.S. Department of Defense. This award not only included a substantial monetary scholarship, but also gave Cameron the opportunity to participate in two summer internships in high security naval research labs on projects related to homeland security. Cameron’s results were published in The Eagle Feather 2008 article, The Look of Sound: Acoustic Cancellation in Architecture. Dr. Matteson will leave a lasting legacy at UNT through The Eagle Feather.

Dr. Samuel E. Matteson was a founding member of The Eagle Feather Editorial Board in 2004. In The Legend of the Eagle Feather which appears in each issue of TEF, Dr. Matteson describes the significance of the eagle feather in Native American cultures as a sign of achievement and completion of a rite of passage. What could be more significant for young students who have completed their first significant academic research project than to receive a symbolic eagle feather!

Photograph: Dr. Samuel Matteson demonstrating the Simple Harmonic Oscillator of Doom in his Science and Technology of Musical Sound (PHYS 1270) course.