Amanda Lynn Chase

Amanda Lynn Chase

Amanda Lynn Chase graduated summa cum laude from the University of North Texas in 2004. Her Honors College graduate class was the first to publish in The Eagle Feather, UNT's undergraduate research journal. While at UNT, she participated in Project HOW: Health Outcomes of Women, looking specifically at how intimate partner violence affects a woman’s health. Her research with Project HOW at UNT inspired her to become an advocate for violence victims. After moving to Washington, D.C., she developed the volunteer training program at The Arlington Community Temporary Shelter in Arlington, Virginia, and volunteered with WEAVE, Women Empowered Against Violence in Washington, D.C.

To more effectively help violence victims, she acquired a law degree at South Texas College of Law in Houston, Texas. While in law school, she interned for the Harris County District Attorney’s Office obtaining protective orders for family violence victims. She also co-founded the Public Interest Law Society, which provided financial opportunities to law students seeking to assist the underserved. She then accepted a position as an Assistant District Attorney with Harris County.

After four years as a criminal prosecutor, she and her family moved to Dallas where Amanda joined the Dallas City Attorney’s Office, as a Community Prosecutor. There, she is responsible for proactively gaining voluntary compliance from commercial, multi-tenant, and single family property owners for code, environmental, and zoning violations. Additionally, Amanda Lynn coordinates resources of various City departments to respond to Councilmember, community and citizen concerns. 

Amanda says, "Undergraduate research made me a critical thinker and a critical writer. I gained invaluable experience volunteering in the Project HOW research lab, learning about the data, research methods and tools. The process provided a foundation for my graduate studies and legal career. Learning about intimate partner violence through the research program inspired me to chose a career path that would help violence victims. The process shaped my passions, my work ethic, and my career goal."

Amanda, her husband Joshua, and their two-year old daughter Avery anxiously await the arrival of a baby boy, due in October, 2013. Amanda is happy to have returned to North Texas, where her mother, sisters and their families reside.